Movie Review: United 93

Rating: R. A fictionalized version of the tragic 9-11 of ’01. four men on a plane with forty unaware passengers try to hijack the plane but will they succeed in doing so or will the other passengers have the courage to stand up against the terrorists? A great movie but with its language and violence. Amazon Price:$13.49

Movie Revew: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Rating: NR. It is an amazing movie Fit for all ages. Where Mr. Smith is elected senator and wants to put up a boys camp in his state, but there is a problem with his idea, will the year old dam suggestion be built in the same place or will he win! I saw no problems in this film. Amazon Price:$11.49

Movie Review: Spider-man 2

The continuing story of a young teenager who is starting to doubt that he is the one who should have this power, and struggling with the fact that his childhood sweetheart may have her eyes on somebody else, or does she? The movie is a great film filled with adventure!

Movie Review: Spider-man 1

A great movie but a bit violent for anybody under 13. It is a movie about Peter Parker becoming Spider Man! and soon realizing that he can't save the whole world. Most people I talk to get the impression that the movie is a fun kids movie, I am here to tell you that it's not. I highly advise that parental caution is taken here.

Movie Review: Up

I love this movie! It's about a man who has a passion to go to south America and a promise to his wife to do so. So him and a boy named Russell are going to South America! It's a great family film, full of adventure, excitement and twists. I give this 4 out of 5 thumbs up!

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